Director of Payor Contracting

Company Name:

DaVita is a leading provider of dialysis
for patients suffering from chronic kidney failure, also known as end stage renal disease, or ESRD. We currently operate or provide administrative services to approximately 1,500 outpatient dialysis centers located across the US, serving approximately 115,000 patients. DaVita is the employer of choice for over 30,000 professionals (teammates) and is guided by its mission--to become the provider, partner, and employer of choice. DaVita's high quality care meets and exceeds national guidelines. DaVita, Inc. is a public company and traded on the
new york
Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol DVA. DaVita generates $6 billion in annual revenues and currently has an enterprise value of $8.5 billion.

DaVita offers the complete range of treatment options and support services required to provide the highest level of care for people living with chronic kidney disease. Those services include: hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, acute dialysis, and pre-ESRD education.


To develop contractual relationships with managed care organizations resulting in profitable growth.

Evaluate an existing portfolio and renegotiate or terminate unfavorable relations.
Negotiation of all payor contracts.
Understand local market
Include DaVita terms and language
Understand current reimbursement rates and A/R (if any)
Assure Patient Accounting can implement contracts
Educate facility personnel and Patient Accounting on Managed Care concepts.
Discuss and review all contracts with the appropriate DVPs and Regional Directors. Update any referring physicians on any contracting activity that may affect their referrals to our units.
Oversee the credentialing process of all facilities in the designated operational division to ensure that all facility information (Medicare #, billing address, tax id#) is accurate.
Work closely with the legal department to develop favorable contractual language for DaVita to integrate in all payor contracts.
Work with other DaVita "upstream" service to develop and promote DaVita's value proposition.
Participate in the development of contracting resource tools to be used by all DaVita parties.
Review any payor contracts from acquisitions/mergers and determine if contracts should be assigned, renegotiated or terminated.
Provide support in collection problems with contracted payors, breach of contract issues, and other factors that may affect the timely and accurate receipt of payments.
Prepare contract summary reports and communicate any contractual updates.
Facilitate open communication between payor contracting and other DaVita departments, including, but not limited to, billing and operations.

Here is what you can expect when you join our Village:
A "
first, company second" culture based on Core Values that really matter.
Clinical outcomes consistently ranked above the national average.
Award-winning education and training across multiple career paths to help you reach your potential.
Performance-based rewards based on stellar individual and team contributions.
A comprehensive benefits package designed to enhance your health, your financial well-being and your future.
Dedication, above all, to caring for patients suffering from chronic kidney failure across the nation.
The new Director of Payor Contracts must have the following experience:
A Bachelor's Degree is required; Master's Degree preferred.
A minimum of eight to ten years of contracting on the payor side (i.e.: Aetna, Cigna, BlueCross/BlueShield).
He/she must have a history of being able to "do the deal" from start to finish.
Strong sales and financial background.
Demonstrated management skills to organize, direct, motivate and evaluate the efforts of professional and support staff.
Demonstrated ability to communicate persuasively, both orally and in writing (very important).
Demonstrated ability to analyze the market.
Minimum of five years in client services.

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