Senior Hyperic Support Engineer

Company Name:
Experience and Education Required? Senior Hyperic support skills.
What will be the primary role and responsibility of the consultant? Support and configure, modify and tweak, the Hyperic tool for 4-5 major clients of Hosting.Com, in Denver and
. Possible sites elsewhere.

What is the function of the work performed? Hyperic support.

What are the desired skills? (software, versions, modules, etc.) Sr. level Hyperic experience.

What is/are the main application(s) being used? Hyperic

What is the team size? 5 Denver engineers, reasonably familiar with (but not expert in) Hyperic.

Is it new, maintenance, or enhancement work? Enhancement, maintenance work.

Working Environment

Is this a strategic or functional
? Functional.

Any communication issues/efforts that we need to screen for? STRONG customer-facing training/support skills.

Start Date (specific): March 15, 2014 (or ASAP)
Assignment Duration: 3-6 months

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